Best Android Apps Services To Read Newspaper On Mobile

Whether you are flying or resting at your home, it is always good to keep a book or a newspaper with you to read. There are already numerous apps available to read books and papers online but they are largely focused on news reading. Today we are going to step further, today’s apps are collection of apps that allow you to always stay on top of the every story from Reddit to e-books and breaking news.

newspaper apps for android

From e-books to Reddit to breaking news, these apps will help you stay on top of the stories everybody is talking about.

Apple’s iBooks app is an easy way to read books on the go.

Apple iBooks always have best sellers in the list of books. You also get plenty of interactive e-books and lots of textbooks that can will be taking advantage of your iPhone’s touch screen. You can also open PDFs and ePub, all your pages are always sync over iCloud. You can also text your friends about favorite book that you are reading or quote some special lines and paragraphs to your friends by using any of these free texting apps to make your reading experience more interactive and entertaining. At-least, I would love to read book a friend so he can share his experience with me and I can share mine’s with him.

Ask Me Anything app – Best App for Reddit’s AMA interviews

From Woody Harrelson, Obama, Neil Tyson and many other celebrities have take participation in Reddit’s most popular AMA interviews. This is a free platform where commentators can submit different question to have the chance of getting answered. Reddit can be a bit confusing and cluttered for new users, Ask Me Anything has organized the interviews in an easy peruse format. You can also look at past interviews, they also send notifications for new AMAs.

Tweetbot is a great alternative to Twitter.

Go beyond Twitter and start using TweetBot today to customize your twitter experience. This app has two extra tabs that are tailored according to your adjustments. You can stay on top of every new and incoming activity on twitter. You also get an extra bonus by having the ability to mute people without unfollowing them which means you keep following them but you don’t get new feeds from them.

Yahoo News Digest

Get newly curated 7-10 articles everyday from Yahoo News Digest, they send two digests one on morning and once in the evening. The articles can be from different sources about several topics, sources include essential factual nuggets which is called “atoms”. For me, it is without a doubt the best news app available for mobile devices.

Twitterific is great for staying on top of your Twitter timeline.

Twitterific has unified timeline that intends to stream latest activity from your twitter feed that you may have missed without it. You can muffle hashtags, URLs or users. Twitterrific uses a dark template at night so it becomes easier for you to read new and upcoming feeds at night without any hassle.

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